Structural Engineering

Senior Mechanisms Engineer

at Arrivo in Los Angeles

Date Posted: 2018-07-17

Arrivo seeks a highly qualified Senior Mechanisms Engineer in the downtown Los Angeles headquarters to support the development of novel transportation technology. The successful candidate will have a broad background in high-performance structures and mechanisms design, analysis, and testing with demonstrated capability to deliver from a blank sheet. Our deadlines and timing are extreme, so excellent problem framing and decision-making under uncertainty are essential.


• Lead a team of engineers to perform trade studies, design, and analysis of mechanisms to enable functionality and autonomy in a novel transportation network
• Communicate with other engineering groups to enhance vehicle, primary structure and tooling designs via incorporation of mechanisms to accommodate thermal expansion, settling, loading and unloading of vehicles, automation of tooling, exact kinematic constraint of tools, and other engineering objectives.
• Provide hands on support during fabrication, testing and deployment of mechanism designs
• Work with internal engineering resources and vendors to develop actuation, control, and testing methods.
• Incorporate sensors, encoders and embedded electronics to provide feedback on mechanism performance
• Build multibody dynamic and rigid body kinematic models to validate geometric configurations, provide transfer functions and dynamic response models to controls
• Develop CAD models of components and assemblies, incorporate dynamic response to develop clearance envelopes for moving assemblies.
• Create engineering drawings of designs to facilitate fabrication and assembly
• Incorporate Design for manufacturing and assembly into mechanisms and components


• 5-7 Years of Designing and Implementing Mechanisms (aerospace or automotive) as a Mechanical Engineer
• Performance driven design, weight, cost optimization of components
• Good understanding of Kinematics, exact kinematic constraint
• Concept to product development experience
• Design for Manufacturing
• Wide range of experience with design using Bearings, Gears, Spring/Damper Mechanisms, Dashpots, Struts, Linear Guides (someone who has run through the misumi catalog a few times)
• Precision assembly design
• Expert CAD designer (NX, CATIA)
o Experience with assemblies
• Familiar with motion simulation, enveloping, range of motion studies.
• Multibody Dynamics / Rigid body kinematics.
• Expert FEA driver ( FEMAP, ANSYS, Hypersim)
o Model Construction / Meshing
o Static, linear and nonlinear
o Modal
o Buckling
o Hyperelastic Materials, Non-isotropic Materials
o Transient Dynamic / Time History
• Proficient at Matlab, labview.
• Experience with Electromechanical, Hydraulics, pneumatics preferred.
• Experience with Servomotors, drivers, control