Software & Systems Development

Senior Algorithm Engineer

at Arrivo in Los Angeles

Date Posted: 2017-12-06

Arrivo is seeking an Algorithm Engineer based in the downtown Los Angeles headquarters. This candidate will  support design, simulation, and implementation and testing multi-sensor data integration for ADAS/autonomous driving controls. In this role you will establish the requirements for sensor integration and will develop fusion algorithms.  The ideal candidate should demonstrate strong experience with developing and implementing complex algorithms using Matlab/Simulink.



·       Establish requirements for sensor integration and performance characteristics

·       Implement algorithms usingrmodel-based-design tools

·       Develop optimized algorithms targeted for transportation sensors including but not limited to camera, radar, ultrasonic, lidar, GPS, IMU

·       Design test plans for Arrivo Mobility applications and support testing, data analysis, and performance



·       Masters degree in Engineering discipline

·       Expertise in Model based software development for Advanced Driver Assistance System

·       Strong knowledge of sensor technologies and expected measurement errors.

·       Demonstrate expertise in any of the core competencies:

·       Probabilistic filters (particle / Kalman)

·       System State Estimation

·       Non-linear optimization

·       Multi-Target Object detection, classification, tracking in 3D environment

·       Point cloud processing

·       Error Modeling and Propagation

·       Sensor Characterization and modeling

·       Experience in rapid prototyping