We are an engineering-led company

focused on bringing the promise of 21st century transportation to reality.

We are our team

Amazing people + great vision = we can make a big impact.

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Meet our founders

Brogan Bambrogan

A proven engineer and entrepreneur, Brogan has broad experience in developing technology from initial concept through product delivery to market in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Nima Bahrami

An expert in real-time embedded systems, Nima has led electronics, software and controls development for satellite & laser products in the aerospace industry.  He recently led the team which delivered the hyperloop industry’s first propulsion open air test.

Jadon Smith

As an 11-year SpaceX veteran, Jadon led many technical developments critical to the rapid advancement of rocket technology, including architecting the fluid simulation and hardware strategies to maneuver Falcon rockets to land.

Knut Sauer, Ph. D.

Knut has led many technology and business projects in the global transportation industry. His expertise has been utilized in projects including automated aircraft landing, adaptive train control, and dynamic revenue for high speed rail.

Andrew Liu

A 20-year veteran of the transportation, engineering, & construction industries, Andrew has deployed projects around the world, including overseeing the design and construction of the world’s first hyperloop test track for SpaceX.

William Mulholland

An expert in growth-oriented finance and strategic planning across multiple industries, William has led companies through every phase of fundraising, supported IPO filings, mergers & acquisitions, and deployed revenue models.

David Pendergast

An experienced deal structuring and execution professional, David has worked on more than 30 IPO and debt capital markets deals, dozens of supply chain partnerships, 25+ M&A and JV transactions, and 80+ startup company investments.


Arrivo is headquartered in Los Angeles, California near the Arts District.